You chose your profession wisely. Science is prepared to transform oncology in the next decade.

Now is the time to be both a passionate physician and an inquiring scientist. NantCare provides support and structure to help you integrate 21st-century medicine into your practice. We will use our experience in oncology/hematology, patient care and research to help you fully utilize the recent advances in our rapidly changing fieldall to the benefit of your patients.

We are your champion as science provides new choices for you and your patients. Our Tumor Advisory Board is an alliance of like-minded progressive physicians dedicated to making a major impact in research and clinical outcomes, while achieving the highest quality standards for value-based care.

We do things the NEW way. We’re turning the oncology market “right side up” as we start every choice with the individuality of each patient in mind. Deep understanding of a patient’s disease provides insight to appropriate treatment choices. NantCare won’t stop until we’ve investigated every available option for you and your patient.

You contribute to the power of the network. Your expertise, training and art in medicine benefit the entire group and all the patients and caregivers they serve. This is your opportunity to make a truly global impact. 

NantCare is your collaborating partner for:

Operations – Business intelligence provided by NantHealth's market-leading technology enables you to pivot your business in creative ways to optimize alternative payment models, guideline compliance, value-based initiatives and forecasting.

Clinical – Our Tumor Advisory Board encourages collaboration with colleagues. Expert opinions and clinical outcome data is available for use in your decision-making.

Diagnostics – GPS Cancer™ is a unique molecular test offered by NantHealth that integrates quantitative targeted proteomics detected by mass spectrometry with whole genome (DNA) and whole transcriptome (RNA) sequencing, of both normal and cancer tissue. GPS Cancer™ is run in CLIA-certified CAP-accredited laboratories, and it provides oncologists with the most comprehensive molecular profile of a patient’s cancer to inform personalized treatment strategies before treatment begins. Click here to learn more about GPS Cancer™

Research – The key to moving scientific knowledge forward is research and clinical trials. NantCare has access to patient-centered clinical trials, screening, trial support and business processes to reinvigorate your clinical trial portfolio.